Blend till smooth, Turn off Blender , add next group of ingredients.

2 teaspoons Rep-Cal Calcium Suppliment non-phosphorus with Vit. D3 in it. (Pink label on a white plastic container.)
Two 2 and 1/2 oz. jars of Chicken baby food. The chicken will say either Chicken with Chicken Gravy or Chicken with Chicken Broth. Either is acceptable.
1/4 cup Wheat Germ
1/2 cup dry baby cereal (mixed or oatmeal)

NOW....Blend for five minutes till ULTRA Smooth.   It should be then poured into a tupperware bowl, or ice cube trays and covered.  FREEZE.
My Little Gremlin
Judie's Modified Leadbeaters

A Sugar Glider's diet cannot be over emphasized.  To my knowledge there is no packaged diet that comes close to filling the nutritional needs of this little animal.  Because of this I fed  Bourbon's Modified Leadbeaters Mix or BML for short to all of my gliders.   In my years of being in the glider community this Diet Plan has been modified a few times to improve nutritional needs.

Problems arose when my gliders would no no longer eat the BML  when the "Herptivite Vitamin Supplement"  was introduced into the BML mix.    The mix now had a very bitter taste to it from the vitamin supplement.   By reducing the "Herpitive Vitamin Supplement" in half and introducing a  "Fruit Blend type of juice" to mask the bitter taste of the Vitamin Supplement....
they readily consumed the mix.  

I have continued to feed this "slightly modified version" of  Bourbons Modified Leadbeaters for over six  years to fifteen pairs of adults and  babies and I have never had a dietary issue. 

Remember.... a Good Diet is only good if it is consumed.


1/2 cup Honey.
1 Egg (boiled or microwaved with no shell)
1/4 cup of a "mixed fruit" blend  of juice" (apple-white grape, etc.)
Blend well, Turn off blender, add the next group of ingredients.

One 4oz bottle PREMIXED Gerber juice with yogurt (mixed fruit). Both have yogurt mixed in, the fluid is creamy colored. For those who cannot find this, you may substitute with 2 oz. of plain yogurt and 2 oz. of mixed fruit juice.
"1/2 Teaspoon" of  Rep-Cal HERPTIVITE  vitamin supplement. (Blue label on a white plastic container. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE this supplement.
I use critter huts (igloos) to cover the food dish. This prevents the thrown food from getting all over the walls!
Please note that ALL photographs and information on this web site are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws and may NOT be reproduced in ANY manner without express permission from Judith Hausmann of
1 cube in an ice cube tray is approx. 2 tablespoons. It will freeze to the consistancy of ice cream and will be enough mix to feed 2 gliders for 2 weeks or 1 glider for a month.  Make sure the mix in container is sealed  properly so mix does not become freezer burned.

Rule of Thumb as how to feed nightly is.....

1 Tablespoon of the BML basic mix
1 Tablespoon of fruits
1 Tablespoon of veggies

Frozen blend of MIXED VEGGIES which is a blend of peas, corn, green beans, and carrots are the veggies to feed nightly. 

Fruits that are "chopped and fed nightly" with this diet plan  are Frozen Blueberries, Frozen Cheeries, Fresh Red Grapes, and assorted Melons.

If they eat everything  the first night, then  add a little more the next night till they leave only a little bit.

There are times when gliders may like one thing one day and not the next,and vice versa, so don't think they don't like something just because they didn't eat it the one time you offered it. Avoid the pits in fruits, Do NOT feed the pits or seeds of apples, cherry, peaches etc.. You can use fresh or frozen, but do NOT used canned.

Young joey up to 6 months OOP may not eat as many fruits and veggies, and eat more of the mix. This is NOT cause for concern as their taste buds are still developing.   Continue to offer fruits and veggies nightly.

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