My Little Gremlin
Sugar Gliders are considered to be a high maintenance pet and must be handled daily and with consistency.  Their genetic structure is such that they have to have companionship. Once you adopt a glider you have now become it's family. Without companionship they suffer from depression and will die or worse yet, overgroom and then self mutilate.  

This is an animal with a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years. Sugar Gliders require a committed owner, they are not hamsters and will not die in a year or two if properly taken care of.

Babies bond readily with their new owners but unfortunately older gliders do not adapt so easily. Often these adult gliders suffer because they are passed from home to home as new and inexperienced owners do not understand that the glider needs time to readjust nor do they understand the importance of a good diet.  Many of these gliders will be abused and neglected and will not live out a normal life expectancy.  Many will die before they are three or four years old. The pet store glider fares out even worse.

Fifty-five percent of these gliders will die within their first year of life.  Again, this is from lack of information on diet and husbandry skills.  A glider knowledgeable vet will tell you that the two most common medical problems  treated with the Sugar Gliders are:  1) diet related problems  2) poor husbandry skills of which lead to bacterial problems.

Also, as a breeder, I recommend neutering males as joeys, males when neutered are the best of both sexes because they are the most docile of the two sexes. Little girls are odor free but some can be rather persnickety.
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