Judith Hausmann
406 Whitestone Drive
Grain Valley, MO  64029

Phone: 816-847-6941

E-mail: JudithHausmann@msn.com

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Welcome to MyLittleGremlin.com!

I am a small scaled USDA Licensed Breeder and I have been breeding Sugar Gliders for over nine and a half years. My goal is to produce high quality babies without compromising their health. To achieve this, parents are selected for friendliness, good health, and excellent lineages. My gliders recieve a nutritionally balanced diet, good vet care, and most of all love.

  Raising Sugar Gliders is my hobby, but at the same time it is a full time job. I am a wife to one, a mother to five, a grandmother to 14, and a slave to 30+ gliders and their babies.

I raise Leucistics, White-Face Blondes, two beautiful lines of White Variations, and the Albino T+  know as the Creamino.

So, please come on in and visit my wonderful world of the Awesome Little Sugar Glider.
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