My Glider Families
My Little Gremlin
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Sesamie (Leucistic) & Shy Baby (Leucistic Het) with their twins ... Chi and Tai Pan

Tai Pan (Leucistic) & Gabby (Leucistic Het)
Tiki (Leucistic) &
Whisper (Leucistic Het)
Schezwan (Leucistic) &
Pai (Leucistic Het)
Cry Baby (Leucistic) &
Honey (Cinnamon)
Maggie (100 % Leucistic Het) &
Adam (2nd Gen. WF Blonde)
Rebecca (Light Champagne Mosaic) &
Cameron (66% Poss. Leucistic Het)
Pele II (WF Blonde) &
Rosemary (Chocolate Cinnamon)
Rachael (Light Champagne Mosaic) & Seth (WF Blonde)
Sophia (WF Blonde) &
Crayola (Classic Gray)
Cassidy (100% Leucistic Het) &
Sunshine (100% Leucistic Het)

My Glider Families

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Tai Pan
Scarlett (WF Blonde) & Stitch (WF Blonde)
Xavier & Lucy
Xavier (Mosaic ~ NON Sterile Line) &
Lucy (100% Leucistic Het)
Sadie (WF Blonde)
& Simon (WF Blonde)