A Joey Birth
My Little Gremlin
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Photos of Shady Giving Birth
This is the first photo of the joey as it is being born. The mother is licking birthing fluids off of the baby.
The mother is licking a path from the joey to her pouch. This is done so that the joey does not become stuck in the dry hair, and the scent guides the joey to the open pouch.
This is where the joey is pointed in the direction of the pouch. The joey is following the scented trail to his mother's pouch.
The joey is almost to the opening of his mother's pouch.
The joey is dropping into his mother's pouch where he will latch onto a teat. He will continue to grow from nurishment from his mothers milk and warmth from her pouch for about 8 weeks. Then he will emerge semi furred with eyes and ears still closed like a kitten or puppy. From there his mother will feed him and groom him for another 8 weeks until he is fully weaned and independent.
This is a close up of the joey as he is migrating to the pouch.
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