Time:    7:00pm - until?
Place:   Comfort Inn 210 Jefferson St., Grain   Valley, MO     64029-9089
Phone:  816-847-2700
Please bring an appetizer, dessert,  and/or pop to share for Friday nights events at the hotel.
Friday night we will just mingle in someone's two rooms adjoining to each other,  eating goodies which everyone  brings food to share while getting aquainted again.  This can be finger food only!  Each room is to provide paper goods for what they bring.  If you are bringing pop, please provide cups and ice.  Hotel has an ice machine, but you might want to bring a cooler. Please check with Sheila to make sure your food has not been duplicated.
Anyone who wants to sell items will do so on Sat. at Judie's, and  there is no vendor fee! Vendors can also have their stuff set up in their rooms like a store on Friday night.  We will not be going over to Judie's until Sat. morning after breakfast.
You may bring your gliders, and show off your gliders on Friday night as well as Saturday. At Judie's on Saturday, gliders only please.
Please bring your own glider's food.
           Time:    10:00am - until
            Place:   Judie's
            Phone:  816-847-6941

This will be an all day event.   Breakfast will be served at the hotel.  Lunch will be served at Judie's. The cost of your registration should cover this.  At the end of the day we will leave Judie's and go back to the hotel for some pool time and hot tub fun.  We will probably go out that night or order pizza in - just free to do what people want to do
What to Bring to Judies:
1. Money ($20.00)) see Paypal Below
2. Gliders
4. Lawnchairs
5. Money for vendors
6. Wrapped $15 gift for exchange
7. Props for Glider Picture Taking By Lauren
To secure your spot and register for the event,  please pay in advance here $20 for each adult, $5 for kids 14 and under. If you are coming as a couple the fee is $30 total.  Please note in the Paypal comment box who the tickets are for.  This is non refundable. The $20 will cover a lunch  and drinks at Judies on Sat. It will also include a goodie bag.  The $5 lunch  for kids does not include a goodie bag.  If your child wants a goodie bag, it will be $5 more with a limit of one additional bag per family.  If you are bringing kids and do not want to pay the fee for lunch, please  bring them a sack lunch, or there is a Sonic close by
If you do not have a
Paypal account, you
may send a check or MO
made payable to
Judie Hausmann
406 Whitestone Dr.           
Grain Valley, MO  64029

Comfort Inn Grain Valley, Mo
210 Jefferson St.
Grain Valley, MO, US
Attendees           PD        From               Goodies Fri Night     
1.   Judie Hausmann                     Grain Valley                 Herself                                          2.   Sheila Willson                         Tulsa, OK                    Pasta Salad                       3    Anita Totty                  *          Tulsa, Ok                     Fruit Tray 
4.   Karen Milas                 *         Redford, MI    Paper Goods
5.   Karen M. Guest           *         Redford, MI
6.   Misty Dorman              *         Ankeny, IA                   Chips & Salsa
7.   Ben Dorman                *         Ankeny, IA
8.   Lynsie (Lucky You)     *         Quincy, IL                      German Chocolate Brownies
9.   Alicia Rudd                 *          Newton, KS                 Tortilla Rollups
10  Jacob                         *          Newton, KS
11.  Chris Reihner             *          Chula, MO                    Egg Rolls
12.  Chris Guest               *          Chula, MO
13.  Teresa Snow              *          Burns, TN
14.  Chad Snow                *          Burns, TN
15.  Leigh                         *          Burns, TN
16.  Kathy Ballard             *          Willard, MO
17.  SuggieGramma          *          St. Charles, MO             Rye Bread and Dill Dip
18.  Lauren's Babies                     Kansas City, MO
19.  PrincessMegi                         NW, Mo                        Friday Only
20.  Kathy Theissan                                                          Friday only               
21.  Dani Marshall             *          Overland Park, Ks           Sat
22.  Patrick Marshall         *          Overland Park, KS           Sat.
23.  April Smith                 *          Blue Springs, MO                         Sat.
24. Danielle G                   *          Bedford,  Iowa                2 liter pop, ice, cooler
25.  Lindsay                      *          Iowa
26.  Lindsay's Mike            *          Iowa
27.  Toni S.                                  AZ                                 2 liter pop
28.  Sherry Porter              *         Freemont, NE
29.  Danny Porter              *         Freemont, NE
30.  Porter Child                *         Freemont, NE
32   Alicia Rudd's Guest    *
33.  Alicia Rudd's Guest    *            

             NP = Coming, but not paid.                                                                                                                 
Suggestions for Food:

Weinies in Barbeque Sauce
Buffalo Wings
Queso and Chips
Fruit Tray
Meat Tray & Rolls
Dips & chips
7 Layer Taco Dip
Cost of Hotel Rooms are $69.95 plus tax a night.  Judie has reserved 7 non smoking rooms at this time.  If we need more than that, there will only be smoking rooms left.  The room reservations need to be secured by credit card prior to May 10, to get this price.  After May 10, the price will go up to their regular price. 
Midwest SGGA 2010
"Traveling With Your Glider"
May 21-22, 2010
Grain Valley, Missouri
Hosted by Judie Hausmann
Registration for Couple
Registration for One Person
Registration for Child