Your Sugar Glider's cage should be no smaller than three feet tall by two feet wide by eighteen inches in depth. The wire spacing should be no larger than 1/2 inch by 1 inch. This  spacing is important because babies and adults can wiggle through the bars if the bar spacing is larger. The wire may be PVC coated or baked enamel for ease of cleaning.  Do not use galvanized wire cages as these lead to urinary tract infections in males when scent marking their enclosure. Galvanized wire is also very difficult to clean.
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A cage needs some sort of shelving or perches so that they can leap from one place to another or to sit on.   A bird ladder or hanging rope toy can be incorporated into the enclosed environment.

A glider approved wheel is absolutely necessary. It is a Sugar Glider's most prized posession and an excellent form of exercise.
Other supplies needed for the cage are a water bottle, sleeping pouches, toys (bird toys, cat toys without catnip, lightweight baby toys), a critter hut, and a couple ceramic crock dishes.

Aspen can be used for litter in the bottom of the cage tray. 

Sugar Gliders are prone to bacterial illnesses so be sure to keep the cage area clean. Do a total strip down of the cage at least every two weeks. Clean the wheel a couple of times per week and wash the pouch at least once a week.

Clean your Sugar Glider's water bottle weekly and refresh the water every other day. Water bottles should be soaked in very hot soapy water with a tad of bleach added for 20 minutes. This will remove any bacteria that may be lingering in the actual bottles. Rinse well and air dry for 2 hours.

Please check your pouches a couple times a week for loose threads  or holes which are  caused by digging.   Digging can usually be prevented if one adds a fleece blanket to the pouch. This will allow your glider to cover himself up and eliminate the need for digging to hide.
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